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Compact Technology


CASPR Compact ensures that no matter your setting, you are still able to protect your air and surface with CASPR technology.

✔️Proven to kill pathogens by up to 99.96%

✔️Self Contained (Portable)

✔️No Installation Required

✔️Requires no training or additional labor cost

✔️Provides a safe, healthy environment and peace of mind

✔️Safe for occupied spaces

The Technology



CASPR is an innovative “no-touch” disinfection technology that utilizes a Natural Catalytic Converter (NCC) to create Hydrogen Peroxide out of your ambient air.

These oxidizing molecules are actively in your
environment protecting your air and surfaces. The molecules are safe enough for people, pets and plants, but effective against harmful pathogens, including SARS COV-2 responsible for COVID-19.

The Benefits






The Specifications



✔️ Up to 99.6% kill rate on surfaces

✔️ Effective against bacteria/viruses

✔️Easy installation, low maintenance

✔️Effective against odors and VOCs

✔️Safe, discreet, and virtually silent



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