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The CASPR Tile units are suited for any indoor area where people live or work. Once installed and turned on, you’ll have surface protection in the entire building. A variety of units can be utilized to cover large areas.

The CASPR NCC technology is safe for occupied spaces and food preparation stations.




The Technology


Blue Tile CASPR


The CASPR Tile units substantially reduce indoor air pollution and microbial populations on surfaces, utilizing the NCC technology.

The CASPR Tile is perfect for indoor pollution control, odor reduction, contamination prevention, and more.

The CASPR NCC technology consists of a special UV light and photocatalyst, which utilizes your environment to naturally create an advanced oxidation process. The output is several friendly oxidants that protect your air and surfaces. CASPR Tile is easily installed in any dropped ceiling directly by replacing an existing tile, close to the source of pollution and/ or the of higher occupancy.

The Benefits






The Specifications



✔️ Up to 99.6% kill rate on surfaces

✔️ Effective against bacteria/viruses

✔️Easy installation, low maintenance

✔️Effective against odors and VOCs

✔️No noise, odors, or residue



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